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A Book To Just Write (By: Gerald Roberts)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

It is so fitting that I should write for this company’s blog. It is an ideal platform for me to rise to the occasion and be the great monologist, orator and be that guy, be Gerald Roberts.

(Scoff) I still remember when I was awkward and maladjusted. Why wouldn’t I? It was just even as recent as yesterday. Though even before then the reason was growing pains, and the adjustment period being a kid just old enough to be in real school…a microcosm of real life. So I’d estimate when I was 6 up until I was about 15 would be the specific time frame. During which I was still learning…english as a first language and still gathering my confidence as a person.

Being in the same class, time or environment with the likes of 50 Cent, Diamond Cash, Shaq Edwards, Shiggy and the others of the sort motivated me to grow to that level and higher.

I remember a lot of people I knew 2 or more language and I barely knew one. Like the time I only had 1 roller skate as opposed to two for both my feet. I would would push one foot with the other trying to skate on just one skate. I know it sounds preposterous. Virtually everyone was skating with two skates and I could barely skate with one.

I forgot who whether it was one or more, but thanks for my other skate. Just like when I was 8 in 3rd grade. PS 34, Mr O’Connor class. I forgot who broached this idea to me but someone gave me a blank (starter) notebook (perhaps a symbolic blank slate) and said just write in it...anything, and so I did. I wrote about my day, my thoughts, my ideas, my passwords and every and anything worth remembering or referencing. This was such a much needed and advantageous help.

I lost my studder as a result. Studders are of course more common among those who lack confidence or speaking a language counter intuitive to them. Those were my two problems. But writing doeth for you like a medicine against an illness or injury.

It teaches to speak more fluent and coherently. I remember I had a thick West Indian accent and was mocked for it, but know it’s gone as I speak come se dice American Standard English. Not only that but you‘ll find yourself learning more because as you write more you’ll want to and need to learn more.

I suggest anyone (even if you are without studder or a confidence lack) get a notebook and do the same. It‘ll only help, but hey, what do I know?

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