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Goals (By: Gerald Roberts)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I seem to keep defaulting to writing in relevance to the notebook. A notebook has been so essential and instrumental to me in all of my life. I owe my life to writing. There is so much power and control in just writing.

One of best functions a notebook serves is to list your goal both long term and short term.

Even now I still do it. My quite uphill and lofty list has been reduced to two items well on their ways to being accomplished.

Save for a NICE car and a NICE home.

Car first then home. The order in which you accomplish them is very important. Whether it is most easiest and quickest to achieve first or most time sensitive first it’s up to you. I recommend easiest first. That way you can get things done at the fastest rate, therefore alleviate the stress on your mind thus giving it a hit of dopamine causing you the best function and be best mentally synced.

In high school my goals during senior year were...

Graduate In June…That seems like it. But a list helped me manage my day to day and balance my school, work and personal life.

First school, then work, then gym (needed to log hours to makeup missed gym credits) and study for chemistry (only challenge towards my graduation). (I had to make time during the weekend to study chemistry.

That‘s another thing. Who you are in Highschool is who you become the rest of your life. So don’t be delinquent and a slacker. Do me a favor go to class and study so you may pass. That way you won’t have a stacked schedule senior year like I did. I had a full 1-8 when dudes I knew had a 1-6 or 1-4 or less. All I’m saying is make it easy for yourself.


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