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The cure for cancer (By: Gerald Roberts)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Imagine being aprised of the exact date and time of your death. The severe reality of that knowledge would shatter your world completely.. Imagine how it must be to have someone sit you down to tell you that you are dying and that there is no remedy for it. Imagine the gravity just knowing the clock is ticking and the countdown is well underway.

Things taste differently and smell differently and look differently. You savor everything, even being a mere glass of water. Have you ever tasted a sip of water. Not knowing or thinking you are about to die keeps from truly tasting, appreciating and enjoying life... erm I mean that drink of water or the smell of the roses.

Tell me something. What IS the cure for cancer? The cure for cancer, same as the cure for AIDS, COVID and even death itself is...immortality. (Immortality of course having more than one version). The immortality of living a life so meaningful and resounding that it leaves a legacy and is worth remembering. Do this and you become immortal.

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