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Vision (By: Gerald Roberts)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Like the shirt says, I refuse to turn my vision to ashes. As we all should.

Interesting fact about vision: Did you know that no two people see alike? It's true! The perception of reality of one person is different and unique to that person. For example: Red might be blue in someone's else's eyes, same with identifying shapes. My point is everyone see's things differently.

I'm very far sighted. I see and look for what's ahead of me. I see 3 moves ahead, 3 days ahead, 3 weeks ahead, 3 months ahead and even 3 years ahead. When you're able to anticipate all possible outcomes you leave nothing to chance.

Whether it's some line of endeavor or some manner of investment don't see what is. See what could, what can, what would, what will be.

...However before one looks to the future, one must look inward first. Look inward to determine who they are and what they want. Assess that and stick with it to the end...even if your the only one that can see it.

It helps others to see what you see if presented something tangible. I'm just saying.

And when you finally see it to the end, what will you see? I don't know, remember we all see different and through a mirror darkly. Show me or whoever also that we may see what you see. Remove the scales from each other's eyes. Don't ever waist your vision.

Look past the cross roads to the clear dawn.

Do you see it?

I saw it. I saw then what I enjoy and reap off now. My investment portfolio, my charity, my radio station, my company, my streaming app, my blog, my wealth, my lifestyle, my life, my family and my expected and happy end.

PS: Notice I never said look back. Look ahead.

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