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What are you gonna do about it? (By: Gerald Roberts)

"I asked for bread in the name of mercy and love, but humanity did not heed. I shall take it now in the name of evil!"

This is from the book "The Criminal V" by Khalil Gabran.

It is about a humble and peaceful man who found himself starving to death. Just like the theme of the SAW franchise his choice was to sit there and starve to death, or do something about it. I'm reminded of SAW 1 when John Kramer (via tape recording) asked Adam are just gonna stay her and rot to death or are you gonna do something about it. The protaganist of the Criminal V made a conscious decision not just to survive be to thrive. To not just live, but to live abundantly. From that day forward a humble and peaceful man became a theif, killer and a destroyer of souls.

"The passing years rendered the youth a robber, killer and destroyer of souls; he crushed all who opposed him; he amassed fabulous wealth with which he won himself over to those in power. He was admired by colleagues, envied by other thieves, and feared by the multitudes. His riches and false position prevailed upon the Emir to appoint him deputy in that city - the sad process pursued by unwise governors."


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