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Diamond Cash Incentives offers a unique brand of inspirational gear and apparel.  Below are a few of the innovators. 



Diamond Cash is an Entrepreneur, Videographer, spoken word and on his way to become a motivational speaker (training) 

Diamond Cash was born in South Jamaica Queens, New York. Diamond Cash is known for performance in venue such as The Afrikan Poetry Theater, Funkadelic Studios and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe. His engaging perfomance reaches level consciousness, aggression, and lyrical talent.

Diamond Cash thrives to motivate others with the use of his quotes to send messages amongst his peers. He pursues to broaden his vision to inspire individuals leading into action of self improvement for everyone.

Facebook & Instagram - Diamond Cash



DC Incentives Co-Host better known as TC. TC is a millennial who grew up and resides in the city that never sleeps and grinds all day, New York City. He is a descendant of Caribbean parents whom demonstrated hustle and great diligence. TC is the Co-Founder of Petropolis World Corporation, a black owned Pet Food supplier for pet owners, lovers and those interested in wholesale.

TC provides an alternative style to the podcast world by showcasing his keenness and fervency into the game. TC better known as the mediator in all conversations however, he is not afraid to voice his opinion when needed. He is open to speak on all topics from social media, music, holistic health and business that is translated and suited for his millennial audience.

In his spare time, he loves to stream and indulges in gaming. TC also loves to practice his photography skills where he catches the crux of his beloved city. Paired with the same devotion of photography.  TC is passionate about education through world travel. He would like to encourage more millennials to travel outside their four corners to experience an alternative outlook to the world. A much likeable individual, please tune in regularly to listen to TC on DC Incentives

Instagram - tcpayne



Xevia Bell is a Videographer & Photographer. 

Born and raised in Queens, NY. Studied at Borough Manhattan Community College for Video Arts of Technology to pursue her film career. 


Xevia Bell have been in multiple Diamond Cash projects. She has been learning how to balance her career, passion and motherhood.


Xevia Bell quote

"I want people to see what I see through my lens"  

Instagram: @zays_vision

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