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Should I Start Or Stay (By: Gerald Roberts)

Objects In Motion Stay In Motion, Only Way Out Is Through...and the list of true cliches continue into perpetuity.

Truly one can not grind without waking up in the morning.

Especially in our twenties in a time when it's more difficult to be a well adjusted adult than ever. Responsibilities, bills, debts, school, work load, career, home management, family management, perhaps business management and lack of leisure and rest can be very discouraging and depressing... dare I say to the point of being disturbed to live no more.

I believe everything ultimately is a choice and the most primal choice being live or die.

You either get busy living or you get busy dying "Stephen King" (Last week's BGP's Hall Of Fame Inductee).

It's easy to stay in bed or ensconced in some manner of comfort rather than go to school or work or start your to do list. To be honest I wouldn't blame you.

That's a form of anxiety which itself is a form of fear. There's a wide misconception of courage being the opposite of fear, but truth be told courage is doing despite being afraid. Gather your courage...or not. It's your choice.

Suffice to say the best way to get rid of anxiety and subsequent depression is clear your mind and allocating more selfish time by getting it done. Every goal accomplished is a hit of dopamine and serotonin.

I recommend listing them in order of easiest to most diffucult and them accomplishing them in that order. You'd be surprise the rate and how you clear that item list and alleviate that stress, anxiety and depression.

And just know that... It's worth it.

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