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Why did God make the other planets? (By: Gerald Roberts)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Now I'm not God, but I do know him and know of him and I have a relationship with him. He maketh my way and maketh it straight. I hear him and feel him as he orders my steps and prepares a place and an expected end for me. "Forward, back, left, right, that way, there, be still."

Like Nicole's hat says "God Did Not Create Me For No Reason. I Have A Purpose". As does everyone and everything else.

To answer the question I broached in the title understand all this and that God does not waste. Furthermore everything in existence has a purpose, a reason. The circumstances of its birth or creation don't matter. Even you the reader as well, but It is up to you to find out what that meaning is.

Why did God make the other planets? Better question, how did God make the other planets, planet Earth, the universe and everything thereof. 🤔 It's so divisive the term why. The question should be how. Atheist and those who don't believe in God will say the universe was the subsequent result of the Big Bang. I submit to you that God initiated the Big Bang. As matter is not self occurring someone or something had to. Would it not take more faith to believe that the universe and everything in it came from nothing, instead of an independent agent outside is responsible?

Life truly is precious. If God is sacred and God created life, stands to reason life is sacred and not some fluke occurrence or random sequence. The reason why there is life on Earth is because of the hyper-specific and perfect alignment of the solar system. Everything succinctly in its place and time, but the with the slightest misplace or mistiming there'd be nothing.

It's that alignment that provides us gravity, air, elements, agriculture and the geography necessary for life.

Moreover I believe the other planets were meant for us to inhabit in the event of overpopulation.

"Well Gerald we couldn't survive on other planets because of the unbreathable atmosphere and lack of water". I mean... we can't now, but consider the fact there was a time when there was no such thing as death. We were all created by God to be immortal and perfect. After all it was God who made us and everything in the universe for us.

It is only because of sin we are mortal, but we had the opportunity to utilize the other planets more effectively regardless. Without death there'd only be the logistics of space travel. It can't be that hard especially in 2021. Not like it's rocket science or anything...maybe it is.

Moral being God is not human that he should waist or change his mind. Creation and life is precious and there is a plan and purpose for it even before it was debuted.

By: Gerald Roberts

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